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Taking a Step Forward: Understanding and Managing Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fascitis is foot pain caused strain, tearing or wearing out of the tough band of tissue in feet called the plantar fascia.

During initial activity pain can be experienced at calcanneal origin of the aponeurosis but tends to disappear with continued activity. Morning stiffness and painful limp when get out of bed and starts to walk are common. The patient may experience pain when standing on their toes and walking on their heels. Occasional numbness may be experienced along the outside of the sole of the foot. Tenderness and sometimes swelling of the medial aspect of the calcaneus. And tightness of the achilles tendon is common.


  • Cool the heel with ice if injury is acute. 
  • Support the injured foot with crutches if there is pain on weight bearing. 
  • Modify training- High impact activities should be avoided. 
  • Static stretching exercise as a preventive measure. 
  • Use shock absorbing heel up in the shoes. 
  • An orthotic arch support to the painful area. 
  • Anti inflammatory medication. 
  • Contrast bath, ultrasound and massage. 


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